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The holiday season in is in full swing and we are keeping up with favorites and developing new products as well.

We are excited to be a part of your holiday season.

Hanukkah Candles
Christmas Tree with Presents
Retro Clock and Glowing Lights

LS Bath Treasures is concerned about the environment.  We are beginning the process of becoming an eco-friendly company.

We have started this process by offering recyclable  cardboard boxes for our bar soaps, refill bags for liquid products such as foam and body washes.  The refill sizes are available in 8, 16 and 32 ounces.    Please contact us directly regarding refill bags.  We are exploring being able to use cardboard tubes for products.



For the Holiday Season, especially STOCKING STUFFERS, we created a Novelty package of lip balms.  These include:  Bacon, Smoked Dill and Pizza flavors.

Novelty Lip Balms_edited_edited.jpg
Body Paints

We brought back Kids Body Paints for the holiday season.  These have been great sellers in the past.  Your kids will love playing with these in the bath tub.  They are soap but can be used as paints for the body, tub and shower walls.  What great fun!!

The scents this year will be:  Monkey Farts - Banana, Fruit Loops, & Grape.


We've created a baby line for all the special bundles of joys in our lives.  We have 2 baby soaps, Carrot Buttermilk Bastille & Yogurt Oatmeal Bastille and a Tushy Butter.  Both bar soaps are 70% or more from olive oil.

KS - Carrot Buttermilk Bastille Baby 1_e
KS - Tushy Butter 2_edited_edited_edited
KS - Gentle Oatmeal Bastille Baby 1_edit
BD - Glass Slipper - Sea Glass_edited.jpg

We created a new  Island Body butter to help combat our dry skin. These are custom made one at at time, so you can request any fragrance you prefer.  Consider layering your scent with a bar soap, body wash, and then the Island Butter.

This is our new creation, TATTOO BALM.  This balm is made of butters and oil that will nourish and moisturize the skin while your tattoo is healing.  This balm HAS NO FRAGRANCE so as to not irritate the tattooed skin area.

TB - Plain & Simple Tattoo Balm - No FO 1_edited.jpg

We created two new sugar scrubs for your skin.  They smell amazing and will make your skin feel silky smooth and nourished.    As shown we have Cranberry Orange.  We also have an unscented version.  We will be making these in limited quantities.  So order yours today.  If you don't see your fragrance preference, be sure and contact us.

SS - Cranberry Orange - Cranberry Fig & Kumquat_edited_edited.jpg
Cute Puppy
  • (and also amazing for you)

 We pride ourselves in the creation of a variety of products using different scents and ingredients.  We take the time to create products you will love on your skin.

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