This fragrance is a cheerful blend of jasmine, ginger, rose, carnation and pine needles.  It's that crisp clean smell in the morning after a new snowfall or rainfall depending on where you live.


Ingredients:  Baking soda, citric acid, constarch, grapeseed oil, fragrance and sugar decoration.

Snowdrop - BB

  • Bath bombs are made with baking soda, citic acid, cornstarch, a fragrance oil, and a moisturizing oil - usually Grapeseed or Rice Bran Oil or Cocoa Butter and witch hazel.  Each bomb is made in small batches to insure quality. Each bomb is unique and may vary slightly in size. Most bombs have a minimum weight of 5 oz.  They are a one time useage product.

  • Bath bombs are a one use product. Our products are handmade and every effort is made to keep the quality consistant. However if there is any problem with your order we will make every effort to reach a solution.