New Soaps

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Ice & Fire 4 updated.jpg

This is our APRIL SHOWERS soap.  It is very moisturizing and feels silky on the skin.  This soap smells like a fresh scent of blended ozone with sweet flower house blossoms.

A new unisex creation is our ICE & FIRE.  This fragrance blends a fire red spice, vibrant grapefruit and cassis with undertones of amber woods and patchouli.  This soap has the added benefits from charcoal to help clear out pores and absorb excess oils.

Plain & Simple 1 Spring updated.jpg

Our soap to the left is Plain & Simple .  It is for those of you where fragrance can be an issue.  No scent has been added but all the good qualities and benefits remains.

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This is our FLOWER CART soap.  This soap has been super-fatted with avocado butter and feels glorious on your skin.  It is a wonderful blend of aromatic florals like Tulips, English Tea Roses, Purple Hyacinths, Orchids, and Sweet Lily of the Valley.  It's like walking past a FLOWER CART full of spring time blooms.

New Products

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Lemon Mint edited 2.jpg

Sugar Scrubs are important for those with dry skin.  This is a great way to add nourishment and moisturizer to your skin while in the shower.  Made with natural sugar, why not enjoy a fragrant new experience.

Our latest creations are:

Citrus Paradise (Pink Grapefruit), Lime Mojito, Lemon Mint and Strawberry.

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Our latest flavors of lip balm are:  Acai Blueberry, Honey Tea, Mango, Raspberry and Strawberry.

We have recently enjoyed the benefits of having a foaming hand wash in our bathrooms and kitchen sink.  It takes the stress over using too much liquid soap.  

Our hands are clean and smell great too.  This is a wonderful way to spruce up the bathroom with colors and fragrances.

Be sure and contact us if you are looking for a particular scent.  We would be happy to make it for you.

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New Shower Steamers

Our shower steamers are bath bombs for your shower.  By putting one on the floor of your shower, you will be enveloped with an aroma that heightens your senses.

Our newest creation is HEADACHE.  It is mix of peppermint and eucalyptus oils. 






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  • (and also amazing for you) 

 We pride ourselves in the creation of a variety of products using different scents and ingredients.  We take the time to create products you will love on your skin.