Plastic Bottle at Beach

LS Bath Treasures is concerned about the environment.  We are beginning the process of becoming an eco-friendly company.

We have started this process by offering refill bags for liquid products such as body washes.  The refill sizes are available in 8, 16 and 32 ounces.  

Please contact us directly regarding refill bags.

Currently in trial phase are our new SHAMPOO BARS.  These bars are actually shampoo and made for your head and scalp. This is a light green in color and scented with Rosemary Peppermint Essential Oils. This recipe is gentle enough for all types of hair.  If interested, please contact us directly.

SH - Shampoo Bar Trial 1a_edited.jpg

We have been busy creating new items to add to our product lines.  Check them out below.

New body washes in S, & L sizes.

BW - Strawberry Watermelon - S_edited.jpg
BW - Glass Slipper - Sea Glass - S_edited.jpg

New pump lotions in S, M & L sizes.

PL - Strawberry Watermelon - M_edited.jpg
BD - Glass Slipper - Sea Glass_edited.jpg

We created a new  Island Body butter to help combat our dry skin. These are custom made one at at time, so you can request any fragrance you prefer.  Consider layering your scent with a bar soap, body wash, and then the Island Butter.

This is our new creation, TATTOO BALM.  This balm is made of butters and oil that will nourish and moisturize the skin while your tattoo is healing.

TB - Plain & Simple Tattoo Balm - No FO 1_edited.jpg

A refreshing taste of summer, Strawberry Watermelon Lip Balm.

LIP - Strawberry Lemonade - Strawberry Daquiri & Candied Lemon_edited.jpg

For all those who LOVE Bacon, this one is for you.

LIP - Makin' Bacon_edited.jpg
LJ - Ginger Lime - Fresh Ginger & Lime 2.jpg

This is a new fragrance in our oatmeal lotion line.  It is Ginger Lime. 

We've added a new product line.  This one is a FOOT CARE KIT just in time for summer.  We need to make sure our feet look great in those SEXY sandals.

This kit includes 2 foot soaks, a Salt Scrub and a Heel Balm.

FC - Refreshmint - Peppermint Cream_edited.jpg
SS - Strawberry Watermelon - Strawberry (BB) & Watermelon (BB) 2_edited.jpg

We created two new sugar scrubs for your skin.  They smell amazing and will make your skin feel silky smooth and nourished.  The two new ones are:  Strawberry Watermelon and Sleepy Beauty (Lavender).

SS - Sleepy Beauty - Lavender (BB) 1_edited.jpg
Cute Puppy
  • (and also amazing for you) 

 We pride ourselves in the creation of a variety of products using different scents and ingredients.  We take the time to create products you will love on your skin.